Transportation and Storage

Our clients are confident
about our products

Our GRC products leave the factory packaged with utmost care. We provide custom-made packaging for worry-free transportation and storage at the construction site.


We consult our clients on proper transportation solutions and care requirements. Please feel free to ask for our recommendations. Pallets with panels must be secured in accordance with safety requirements on a transport vehicle and it is forbidden to stack pallets and put anything on top.


For chip-free storage and assembly at the construction site, we recommend storing GRC panels on an even surface, evenly distributed in four support points at a safe distance from possible mechanical damage; plates should be moved in a horizontal position and mounted with clean work gloves. Spread the weight evenly when carrying the panels. Elements must not be supported by a wall or leaned against each other.

We have detailed instructions and recommendations to guide our customers through the final stages such as storage and mounting.



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