GRC material technical information

GRC products

GRC product specification


Dry Bulk Density (kg/m3)

1900 – 2300

Minimum bulk wet density (kg/m3)


Density kg/m3


Water Absorption (%)

8 – 12

Apparent Porosity (%)

16 – 25

LOP (N/mm2)


MOR (N/mm2)


Tensile Strength; UTS (N/mm2)

8 – 12

Shear strengths; Punching Shear (N/mm2)

25 – 35

Shear strengths; In Plane Shear (N/mm2)

7 – 12

Shear strengths; Interlaminar Shear (N/mm2)         

2 – 4


up to 0.03%

Total ultimate shrinkage


Charpy Impact Strength (N/mm/mm2)

15 – 25

Thermal Insulation (W/mº C)

0.5 to 1

Technically precise for every project

We strive to deliver the best quality within every project. Our engineers will consult you on the best possible compound, qualities and mounting solutions to meet the exact requirements of your project. We will provide key technical details and conformity reports for the particular type of GRC based on your required design and manufacturing method.

Class A1 fire resistant

Fire resistance approved of class A1 for glass fibre reinforced concrete with concealed stainless-steel fixings and metal frame according to the European Standard EN13501-1:2007+A1:2010

  • Please feel free to download the Technical data sheet with the most detailed information.






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